Warm Up Mixes


Hello Zumba friends! Here are links to some of the warm up mixes I’ve had created – ENJOY!!! :D

Alena’s Party in Pink Warm Uphttp://vibedeck.com/djbaddmixx/dj-baddmixx-alena’s-12min-party-in-pink-warmup-130bpm

Alena’s Carnival Warm Uphttp://vibedeck.com/djbaddmixx/dj-baddmixx-alenas-carnival-9min-130bpm-zumba-warm-up

Alena is Fine Warm Uphttp://vibedeck.com/djbaddmixx/dj-baddmixx-alena-is-fine-10min-warmup-133bpm

Alena’s Hypnotic Warm Uphttp://vibedeck.com/djbaddmixx/dj-baddmixx-alenas-10min-hypnotic-warmup-130bpm


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