A few of my favorite [Zumbawear] things!

A few of my favorite [Zumbawear] things!

We all have those essential cannot live without things for our Zumba life and these are mine:

V-neck Burnout T: MY FAVORITE SHIRT EVER!  Yes, I have all 4 colors and two in every color – one cut and one not cut.

Infinity Scarf: Worn to class, after class, around town, anytime!  My favorite scarf!

Zumba Bra Tops: So comfortable and supportive!


Cargo Pants: My first pair of Zumba cargos were black and I just loved them!  After exploring all of the variety of colors including neon oranges, yellows and greens, I’ve come to just LOVE my grey cargos with side tassels.  They work with EVERYTHING!  And clearly I can’t live without them!

Peekaboo Purse: Do I even need another purse or bag after this?  LOVE LOVE LOVE and cannot live without!  (Want one?  I have limited amounts available for sale at my events and classes!)

T-shirts: Cut and create tons of different styles.  The possibilities are endless!


Zumbawear Discount Code: Use code “ALENA” when you checkout to receive 10% your new Zwear order!


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