October 30th – Doi Suthep

Doi Suthep

I finally built up enough courage to attempt to ride a rot daeng (red car) up to Doi Suthep, which involves a transfer at Chiang Mai University and then up to the top of the sacred mountain all in an 10 passenger open-backed pick up truck like taxi.  Whew!  Zack rented a moto scooter to get up there, but my Thai road bravery was already maxed out with a crazy rot daeng ride!

Doi Suthep was beautiful!  What a glorious day, spectacular views and sensational golden stupas!

I even decided that since it was so peaceful and beautiful up there that I would try something very different for me: a meditation retreat!  Apparently Doi Suthep has by donation 4 day/3 night retreat at the temple, a good short stay trip for beginners.  And I am a certainly a beginner.  There are also more advanced and much longer retreats, but for the first time, I’ll go with the 3 nighter.  You actually get to stay in a little dorm near the monks (your own private room), speak with them (monk talk), learn from them (about Buddhism and meditation), eat with them (meals at 7am and 11am only! and all vegetarian), and chant (yes, chant, they give you phonetic translations!) with them.  I think it sounds like such an interesting experience!  I signed up for this new adventure on November 11th so I have a few days to find 2 all white outfits (white pants are HOT – I found a pair of Thai tie pants last night…they are like super comfy, unattractive pajama pants).


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