Zumba Fitness News/Contest: Call for Recipes!

Zumba Fitness Contest!

CALL FOR RECIPES: Want a chance to win prizes and inspire Zumba lovers to reach their health and weight-loss goals? Submit your original recipes for consideration in our upcoming cookbook. Hurry! The deadline for submission is November 14.


Submit your original, high-flavor, healthy recipes by Nov 14. Learn More Here!
– Zumba Fitness
So who has an original recipe that they are going to submit?  I’m just thinking about all of the delicious, healthy dishes that my Mom used to make at home.  I should tell some of the cafes around Chiang Mai that have the most incredible fruit juice and smoothie combinations!  Yesterday I had kale, pineapple and lime – OMG amazing!

One thought on “Zumba Fitness News/Contest: Call for Recipes!

  1. Hi Alena
    Having a lot of technical problems with the recipe submission site. do you have the appropriate person’s contact info? I’m stuck in a loop:

    Got this error when trying to upload my photos & cannot erase the photo links so as to send successfully.

    error: cannot mix http and https – the embed code must match this page’s http/https

    Thanks. And thanks for announcing this.
    Hope you’re having a great year travelling.
    Enjoying your blogs.

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