Zumba Fitness: How to create your own choreo


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BREAKING DOWN CHOREO: HOW TO CREATE YOUR ROUTINE” href=”http://newsletter.zumba.com/?p=4830&#8243; rel=”bookmark”>BREAKING DOWN CHOREO: HOW TO CREATE YOUR ROUTINE

by Alena Groopman, Zumba® Jammer

Inventing new, knock-‘em-dead choreography week after week may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips to help you create a sizzling routine:

    • Select a Song — Choose a song that you love, one that speaks to you. Make sure you really reallylove it because you’re going to hear it about 100 times before you even teach it!
    • Listen to the Music — As you listen to the song, begin to identify changes in the music. Map out the song (look at the Zumbagram in your Zumba® Basic 1 Instructor Training Manual) to determine how many parts it contains and how often they are repeated.
    • Start Dancing — By now the song is probably stuck in your head, for better or for worse. Whenever you hear it, let the music tell you what to do. Come up with simple yet fun moves for each part. Try including a special “party part” in your songs – like for the chorus or a break in the music – to get your students pumped. Then add a complex step, or some extra booty shakin’!

Check out your local ZIN Jam sessionsfor cool style and hot choreo. For maximum inspiration, try out several. Each Zumba® Jammer has their own personal flair, so while the structure is consistent, every session is unique. Check out thisvideo to learn more.

Need a refresher? Sign up for a Zumba®Basic 1 or a Zumba Basic 2 Instructor Training to sharpen your skills and expand your perspective.

  • Layer Your Routine — Be prepared to teach a basic version of each section first. Then add fitness and rhythmic variations, intensity, and of course, style! Keep it simple, then add layers. This allows you to continually adjust the intensity level. Also, always teach each song like it’s the first time. You never know when you’ll have a new student in your class.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice! —Forgetting choreography is one of the biggest fears of many new instructors. To avoid – or lessen – any pre-class jitters, practice your choreo in front of a mirror. Repeat the song over and over again (this is where the “love the song” tip pays off). Pay special attention to your transitions between steps and your cues. Incorporate your cues into the choreo so you never miss a beat.
  • Own It! — Once you’ve created and perfected your routine, you can deliver it with confidence and flair, making the process seem effortless.

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