October 9th – Mission: Possible! The Best Khao Soi Discovered!

The Best Khao Soi Discovered!

It almost doesn’t even matter that I didn’t try hundreds of bowls of Khao Soi.  After my second bowl of the delicious curry noodles, I knew I had found it!

After searching around the enormous Sunday Market last evening (after a heavenly 60 minute foot massage for less than $4), I came across food court stalls set up within a temple courtyard.  There were tons of tempting dishes from shakes and fruit to fried chicken and meat on a stick to fried noodles of varying sizes and pancakes and waffles.

But then in the back of the market I spotted the tell-tale crispy noodles sitting next to a giant clay pot on a burner.  And there is was: the most incredible bowl of yellow curry soft and crispy noodles topped with onions and lime and chillis in the dimly lit and oh, so packed market.  The lady was delighted to see me enjoy the Northern Thai speciality and now I’m dreaming of my next bowl of Khao Soi from the market.

Khao Soi before.

Khao Soi after.

Also see https://zumbawithalena.com/2011/10/08/october-9th-on-a-khao-soi-hunt-in-chiang-mai/


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