October 9th – On a Khao Soi Hunt in Chiang Mai

On a Khao Soi Hunt in Chiang Mai

One of my absolute favorite Thai dishes is the delicious Khao Soi, a Northern specialty of the Chiang Mai region that my family and I discovered last time we were in Chiang Mai in 2004.  I have been on a hunt for this amazing dish ever since and found one pretty good variation in a San Francisco Thai eatery suitably called Chiang Mai Thai.

Khao Soi is a curry and coconut milk noodle soup with two types of noodles, one crispy and one soft and flat.  It is similar to a yellow curry, but thinner.  It’s a popular street dish in Northern Thailand so I will hopefully have no trouble locating some of this delicious noodle magic.

So I will attempt to locate this apparently hard-to-find-place on a travel fish blog and see how it rates on my personal Khao Soi meter (However I’ll have to try it tomorrow or Tuesday since they are not open on Sundays).

Another possible location is the Lonely Planet and Wall Street Journal recommended Lam Duan Khao Soi, a place that is over 77 years old!  Read the Wall Street Journal article here.

Happy Khao Soi hunting!

More info on Khao Soi here.


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