October 6th – Last day in Bangkok, the City of Life

October 6th – Last day in Bangkok, the City of Life

I had the most delicious green papaya salad for lunch yesterday!  OMG.  I went to one of the many, many food courts in the vast number of malls in Bangkok and the one in Siam Paragon, my absolute favorite, they have the most extensive and delicious food court!  And also free samples in the gourmet supermarket!  So I got a green papaya salad made pretty spicy and purple sticky rice and a grilled coconut chicken skewer and pomelo…am I making your mouth water yet?…Yum!

My taxi driver last night was hilarious!  I get in the taxi at rush hour – a rookie mistake in Bangkok – and we sat in deadlock bumper to bumper traffic for a good 45 minutes.  However, the time surprisingly flew by when the driver began to belt out his favorite tunes accompanied by an assortment of cassette tapes.  First we had the Beatles – his so called “favorite band” – then so that I could feel “more at home” we had John Denver – I do love country roads, but maybe not to a complete off key set of pipes.  And then since we were still stuck in traffic, we ended with Simon and Garfunkel live in New York City.

And now it’s off to Chiang Mai by plane since the railway system is down because of all of the horrendous flooding north of Bangkok.  Happy travels!


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