October 3rd – 6th Continued

October 3rd – 6th Continued

Bangkok – what an incredible, lively, vivacious city with friendly people and delicious food – what more could you ask for?

October 3rd brought us to the “backpacker’s ghetto” of Khao San Road as the Lonely Planet Guide Book calls it…and it’s not too far from the truth.  While the street food is unbelievable – 30 baht for Pad Thai with egg or chicken cooked right in front of you from a street cart – the swarms of visiting backpackers and people trying to sell your suits and knick-knacks is out of control!  It is a chaotic sea of people, lights, sounds, signs and Singhai.  It totally feels like a different city in this part of Bangkok.  I’ve enjoyed the slightly less trying corners of the city with their more relaxed, friendly and local flavors.

On October 4th we got to explore some of the major shopping districts of Bangkok – the Siam Paragon, Central World and Old Siam Center.  While we were on a shoe hunt for Zack, we were also on a dessert hunt for me.  I was in desperate need of some coconut pancakes – these delicious puffs of coconut cream heaven cooked to perfection on a griddle with bite size dips – and some mango and sticky rice with coconut milk.  Are you seeing a trend in my dessert fetish?

Yesterday was filled with heat and sun.  We walked around the Grand Palace area and then took a fun express ferry down to the Chinatown area of Bangkok – it literally felt like you were walking into a piece of old Hong Kong with stalls selling countless vegetables, roots, herbs, fish and meats.  Hong Kong Noodle with roasted duck and BBQ pork was amazing!  After a daring tuk tuk ride through the city, there was a beautiful, although slightly flooded, park on the river than offered some much needed shade and a place to park your tired booty.

Today brought a new mix of Bangkok delights including a trek out to Ari Station in the northern section of the city and then to the HUGE mall at National Stadium complete with more food courts, restaurants, cafes, stalls and stands then I could count!  Oh, the bounty of deliciousness that Thailand has to offer!  And of course, I couldn’t forget about this incredible little curry house that I went to with my family back in June, so I got a much needed curry fix tonight as well.  Looks like I’ll need to do a little extra walking tomorrow!


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