Sept 29th continued

Motorbikes, Coconuts, Beaches and now…Rain!

The day started bright and sunny – so hot in fact I had to look for some shade while I was reading my kindle by the pool.  In the afternoon, we decided to rent motorbikes heading off to explore some of the island and man, was it FUN!!  Luckily the drivers on Samui and really relaxed and careful, especially when they see the obvious tourist on a motorbike (you can tell by the helmet – public health first!).

Me with the motorbike, all artsy.

After chasing after young fresh coconuts – literally – it was near to impossible to find a cheap one anywhere!   I spend less on my canned Amy and Brian’s Coconut Juice shipped to me monthly from Amazon then the price of coconuts are here!  Until, finally! I found the secret local stash at the supermarket and they actually open it for you right there in the store if you want.  Delicious!

Coconuts and fresh fruit.  What more could you ask for?

After stopping at a few beach vistas – beautiful!

And the Big Buddha Temple…

Then it was time to head back to the Arayabuni and just in time too!  It must be a monsoon outside now!  But I love listening to the sound of rain when I’m falling asleep…


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