NEW Zumbawear!

New Zumbawear!!

Straight from Zumba Fitness:

New Zumbawear® Arrivals! — The latest and biggest part of the Wonderland collection will launch July 25. Make sure you snag a pair of the new and improved Wonder Cargo Pants. With a snug-fit elastic waistband, you can shake it all day long, and they’ll still be holding up! You will be able to glam up your cargos with interchangeable bell, rhinestone, specialty and mesh tassels. Also, the Zumbawear® line is introducing new Z-Performance fabrics. With moisture management and UV protection, Z-Performance fabric is perfect for sport and play. Finally, complete your look with the all-new Z-kickz. Featuring the same comfort you know and love from the Z1 sneakers, these rockin’ new shoes will be available in black or black/pink.


2 thoughts on “NEW Zumbawear!

  1. thanks for the update!!! I gotta check out the new zwear. I hope you are enjoying your summer. Hope to see you soon….besitos

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