Happy Friday!

Happy Friday friends!

I am enjoying this slightly warmer day in Palm Springs.  It hit near 96 degrees today (!!!) but thanks to the pool and AC, it felt amazing.  We attempted to make pizza on the grill tonight and while the dough was delic, the cheese and sauce didn’t quite get melty enough.  It was a near disaster as I tried to throw cheese on a hot dough over the grill, but two mini pizzas were made and enjoyed!

Now I’m getting ready for my ZIN Jam Session in Indio, CA tomorrow afternoon!  I can’t wait to Jam with all of my fav So Cal friends!  And I might even try to sneak in another class in the morning.  I guess that depends on how much gatorade I have handy.  You know me and my gatorade obsession!  Gotta hydrate before, during and after class – especially in this heat!

Other exciting news: I’m doing a Zumba Master Class in Bangkok, Thailand on June 20th – how cool is that?!  It will myself, my Mom and this AMAZING Zumba Instructor from Thailand.  Details coming soon and pics following!

Have a wonderful day!


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