Week 1 in Palm Springs

Palm Springs

Beautiful. Warm. Sunny. Mountains. Sand. Palm trees.  You can’t forget the palm trees. I didn’t know that I could like the desert so much!

It has also been wonderful to get to know some of the Zumba community around here and they are as warm and friendly as the desert and as hot as salsa and the sun!  It has been so much fun dancing with the students and instructors out here!

I went to take a Zumba class on Monday morning in Palm Springs…and then ended up teaching it :P The sweetest Zumba Instructor asked if I would sub so she could see her daughter’s end of year talent show.  Love the peeps in Palm Springs – they were rockin it!!

Last night I took a class with one amazing dancer and instructor – I couldn’t believe she had only been teaching for less than a month!   This girl is one of the next big ones…whew!

And then this morning I subbed another class at the beautiful Dance Studio by Andrea.  Seriously, these ladies (and Marlin) were on fire this morning!!!  I had a few women come up to me after class and confess that they were in their late 70s and just having a blast in the class!  This one woman sang all of Volare (and my students know how I LOVE when they sing along in class).  SO much fun!

More info: Dance Studio by Andrea, 933 Crossley, Palm Springs, California 92264

I can’t wait to visit some of the other dance studios in Palm Springs soon!  I’ll have to stop by Barby’s again and also hop on over to Muevelo – I have heard some amazing things :)

Then of course, this weekend is a ZIN Jam Session in Indio, CA, a few desert cities away, and I cannot wait to jam, network and teach new choreography to some awesome So Cal ZINs!


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