Palm Springs

Greetings from Palm Springs!

Hello friends!  Greetings from Palm Springs!  I am enjoying my first few days in the warm and sunny desert with Zack, soaking up the sun, enjoying the pool, playing tennis for my first time ever, going to a local Zumba Instructor’s class (shout out to Barby!) after an interesting ride on the Sun Bus, and visiting basically ever grocery store in Palm Springs on a hunt for the best diet coke prices in town.

In one week I’ll be doing a ZIN Jam Session in Indio, CA (ZIN members, email me if you are interested!!!) and I’m so excited to jam with all of the So Cal ZINs!!

Until then I’ll be checking out my Zumba Exhilarate DVD set, my Toning DVDs and maybe hop into a few more local Instructors’ classes.  If you’re in San Francisco, don’t forget to enjoy the fabulous team of Instructors taking over Studio Gracia for the summer: Sundays with Gloria, Tuesdays with Charles and Wednesdays with Miriam!

And now off to check out X-Men!!  Oooh I love having time to actually go out to the movies!


One thought on “Palm Springs

  1. It was so awesome meeting you and getting to take one of your classes…… managed to keep this old lady rockin and rollin all the way through!:)
    Hope to see ya again real soon or at least on FB LOL:)

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