Zumba Playlist – Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Zumba Fitness Playlist from Wednesday’s Class at Studio Gracia – HOTNESS!!

  • Infinito, Daddy Yankee, Talento de Barrio
  • The Anthem, Pitbull_LILJon
  • Run The Show, Kat DeLuna
  • Rumba, Los Hermanos rosario
  • La Vecina, Angel y Khriz
  • Micaela (Bimbo Reggaeton Remix)(PITCHED)
  • Berimbau Metalizado – Axé
  • Zumba He Zumba Ha (Extended) [feat. Soldat Jahman & Luis Guisao], Dj Mam’s Zumba He, Zumba Ha (feat. Soldat Jahman & Luis Guisao) – EP
  • El Impacto (Remix), Daddy Yankee Ft. Fergie Cartel III
  • Volare (Flamenco)
  • Batuka Bum Bum, Grupo Merenguísimo
  • Bottoms Up
  • Arrasando, Thalia
  • Las Avispas
  • Juan Luis Guerra for cooldown

One thought on “Zumba Playlist – Wednesday, February 16, 2011

  1. Does anyone know in round numbers how many calories the you get rid of in an average zumba dance , of around 7 mins. I am trying to create a diet incorporating Zumba

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