Join Us for a Night of Zumba® Moves and Hoops with the NBA! (via Zumba Fitness with Alena)


Here is some important information about the Zumba Fitness Halftime Performance at the Warriors Game on FRIDAY, JANUARY 14, 2011!


Arrival time: All performers should arrive 20 minutes prior to the rehearsal. Everyone may enter through the 66th Ave entrance and park their car in Lot D.

Rehearsal Time: Please arrive no later than 2pm to the Oracle Arena. We will all be meeting in the North Tunnel of the Arena just off of Lot D. Please arrive with ample time to park and walk to the arena.

Rehearsal for the performance is scheduled from 2-4pm. Please note that upon arriving to the arena at 2pm you will NOT need to pay for parking. Following the rehearsal if you choose to stay in the Arena parking lot until game time you will NOT need to pay for parking. If you choose to leave the parking area and come back before game time, parking at the arena will be $18 per vehicle. Doors to the Arena open at 6pm.

NO outside food or beverage will be allowed in the Arena during this time EXCEPT for water. There are no water fountains so please come prepared.

What to Bring: Please don’t forget to bring the following:

  • Your game ticket (you will not be allowed into the arena without a game ticket) *your ticket is not needed for the rehearsal but we will be checking you in based off our registration information.
  • Black pants (Zumbawear would be best)
  • $9 in cash to pay for your new racerback (t-shirt for men). NO Credit Cards or checks will be accepted. Only people wearing the new racerback (t-shirt for men) will be allowed to participate so please don’t forget to bring your $9 in cash.
  • That Zumba Fitness attitude that we all love!

During Rehearsal: We will be having a 2 hour rehearsal on court to replicate exactly what we will be doing later that day during the game’s half-time show. Rehearsals and the actual performance will be led by ME (Alena Groopman). I will let you know where you need to stand, from where you need to come into the court and any other important detail relating to the performance. Below is my contact information. If you have experienced trouble viewing the choreography video that was sent over; please do not panic, we will have ample time to practice on court for those of you who still don’t know it.

Alena Groopman
Zumba Jammer and Instructor

Golden State Warriors
Maria Serrano

Once rehearsal is over you will be given your new racerback (t-shirt for men) and will be given instructions in regards to where you will be meeting for the half-time performance. You will have ample time to ask any questions and practice with your fellow friends between rehearsal time and the actual game.

Join Us for a Night of Zumba® Moves and Hoops with the NBA! (via Zumba Fitness with Alena) ARE YOU READY, NORTHERN CALIFORNIA?! “Every 20 seconds, someone in the U.S. has a heart attack. Help fight women’s No. 1 killer and show everybody just how big your heart is with the red Zumbawear™ racerback tank. For every racerback sold from January 11,2011 through May 15, 2011, Zumba Fitness® will donate 30 percent of the sales price to the American Heart Association’s Go Red Por Tu Corazón movement, with a minimum donation of $100,000.” So, “ … Read More

via Zumba Fitness with Alena


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