Friday, January 28, 2011 · 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Location Illusions Dance Club

260 S. California Ave., Palo Alto, California 94306
Palo Alto, CA

Created By

More Info
Raquel Call proudly presents Deejay Francis,

Beto Perez’s personal DJ, (Beto is the creator of Zumba Fitness)
The man at the heart the music we love so much in our Zumba fitness classes will be in the BAY AREA. He will spin the hottest Zumba party with the most Fantastic instructors from the Bay Area and Reno to bring you the ULTIMATE ZUMBA EVENT of 2011!

Club Illusions ( )
260 S. California Ave., Palo Alto, California 94306

VIP will check in at 6pm. ( VIP are the people that sells 10 tickets. They can get in early, get a picture with Dj Francis, meet him before the event, and dance in the two front rolls of the event. Everyone else :Check in at 6:30 PM . The Zumba master class starts at 7pm-9pm.
After this event, you will have 30 minutes to decide if you are staying with your friends at the night club for the night. They have a salsa night from 7:30pm on and it costs $6 that you will pay to the dance club if you want to stay.

$25 in advance
$30 at the door

Zumba instructors teaching at this event :

Joe Zumba (San Jose)
RaQuel Call (Walnut Creek)
Jake Pinto (Reno)
John Asenso (Palo alto)
Mia Said (Concord)
Cynthia Mallory (Walnut Creek)
Alena Groopman (San Francisco)
Dave Dixon ( San Jose)

Some of the proceeds will be donated to a Charity cause called ” Phin’s Fhight”. Phin is a 2 year old boy that has cancer. More information about him is also coming soon.

Now, SAVE THE DATE and keep in touch . I will post more information soon here and on my website :

For questions :

Host: Raquel Call

* only 21 year olds and up can come to this event.




  1. Does any reader know approxiamately how many calories the you get rid of in a typical zumba session , say 7 mins. I am attempting to build a weight loss program centred on Zumba

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