New Zumba Fitness Video Game

Woo! I adore this new trailer for the Zumba Fitness video game!

I’ve been having some great discussions with my other Zumba Instructors friends about the video game.  I really see it as a great way to get new students interested in taking Zumba classes as opposed to a replacement for Zumba Fitness classes.  Anyone who has experienced the JOY of a live Zumba class knows how the energy of the room, the people and the music feed off each other.  But I also feel for those newcomers, who walk into this crazy, intense class where everyone knows all the moves and sings all of the songs.  That can be intimidating to say the least.  So if they can try out the new video game with some of our favorite songs (Mueve La Cadera, for example) then they will be right up in the front row in no time!


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