Zumba Cool Down Songs

Some of my favorite cool down songs for my Zumba Fitness classes!  I love songs that give you a little time for some slower dancing, then stretching and then party time.  I like to have the song still going when we all clap, cheer and end class.

Some favs:

  • Colgando En Tus Manos, Carlos Baute and Marta Sánchez
  • Te Regalo Amores (bachata/cumbia)
  • Caraluna, Zumba Fitness (the first cool down song I ever used)
  • One Day, Matisyahu
  • Stand By Me (bachata version)
  • OMG, Usher
  • La Palomia, Alberto Barro
  • Down

3 thoughts on “Zumba Cool Down Songs

  1. Hiya :) I have just recently became a quallified zumba instructor and was wondering if you could give me a cooldown song please! Im from scotland.


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