Zumba Playlist – Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Thank you all for working with our excited, over-sized class this evening! I greatly appreciate all of your assistance with collecting tickets, keeping an eye on the door and being respectful of each other’s space.  It turned out to be a super high energy, fun class!!


  • Burn It Up, R Kelly, Warm Up (Choreographed by Alena and Stef)
  • Low, Flo Rida feat. T-Pain, Warm Up (Choreo by Alena)
  • A Pedir Su Mano, Merengue (MM 8, Choreo by Alena – my very first routine!)
  • Pose, Daddy Yankee, Reggaeton (Choreo by Alena and Stef)
  • Mi Gente, Salsa (ZIN 19, Choreo by Beto)
  • Pa’ La Discoteka A Bailar, Techno Cumbia (ZIN 24, Choreo by Alexi)
  • Remenea, Seo Fernandez, Salsaton (by Alena and Hilary)
  • Zumba Mami, Reggaeton (Zumbatomic, by Gina, Joy and Alena)
  • Esta Pena Mia, Flamenco (Batuka, by Alena)
  • Mil Horas, Cumbia (ZIN 27, by Joy Smith)
  • Torre de Babel, Wisin & Yandel, Reggaeton/Flamenco (by Alena)
  • Pegate, Fulanito, Merengue (by Cheryl, Alena and Hilary)
  • Baila Esta Cumbia, Cumboa (MM 14, by Alena)
  • Dame, Cheyane and J Lo, Cha-cha (by Alena)

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