Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Woo!  It feels great to be back at Zumba!  I know that my Tuesday night crew was in good hands with Carlie, but I was happy to see you all smiling and shakin’ it with me tonight!  There were lots of familiar faces and even some new Zumba friends out there this evening.  And you all looked HOT!

Tuesday night’s playlist:

  • Low
  • Oh La Ley
  • La Mazucamba
  • Batuka Bum Bum
  • Tu Papa Y Tu Mama
  • Pam Pam
  • Los Campeones De La Salsa
  • Bandolero
  • Muchacha Triste (NEW CUMBIA!)
  • Traigo Una Pena
  • Nunca Te Decides
  • Chico Snap
  • Bailadora
  • Down

Also, stay tuned for some exciting announcements about upcoming Zumba Parties in January 2010!


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