Tips for Stretching with a Foam Roller

As a Stanford employee we have the luxury of being part of the BeWell Initiative, which basically pays us to get and stay in shape, exercise regularly and eat right. On top of that, I recently got a free 1 hour personal training session! I know that I have never been one to do yoga or stretch quite as much as I need to (and the enthusiasm of my Zumba classes always makes us want to do another fun cardio song instead of an extra stretching cooldown). I decided to ask my personal trainer to give me some advice for stretching for the unenthusiastic stretcher, so if you are like me and have a slight aversion to prolonged periods of reaching for your toes, then the foam roller is for you!

Here are some tips from my personal trainer for my new foam rolling stretching sessions (and oh, it feels so good! Lillian may have made a stretcher out of me yet!)

Foam Roller Program for Alena Groopman.


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