Pre-Zumba Convention!

Well, here I go! I’m on my way to my first Zumba Convention in Orlando, Florida! This should be a hot 5 days dancin’ and groovin’ and booty shakin’ with all of the other zumba instructors around the world and I am looking forward for all of the fun and festivities. My mom, a fellow Zumba Instructor who teaches on the east coast, is also going so it will be great to spend some quality zumba time with her…and since she probably has more zumba friends out there thanks to all of her workshops and dance groups, I’ll be sticking with her for the introductions.

I’m really excited about the Zumba Kids workshop and hopefully I can find an opportunity in SF to teach to a bunch of little kiddos! Maybe I can do a mom/dad and kids class even? We’re also doing lots of small workshops to learn new dance rhythms – I have african, bangra, hip hop and 5 others to learn! And then there is the annual convention Zumbathon where they put all of the thousands and thousands of instructors in one big room at the convention center for hours and hours of dancing!

For more information on the Zumba Convention:

I can’t wait to bring back some new ideas, music and routines for my Zumba class in SF!

Zumba love,


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